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Life: As told by my flat tire

Have you ever been taught an extremely valuable lesson in a situation where you least expected it?  Of course you have.  Life has a hilarious way of keeping us on our toes. 

Throughout the past month or so, I've dealt with a small leak in my rear, passenger side tire.  When I say small, I mean SMALL.  I can air the tire up completely, and go a solid 7-8 days before it is even noticeably losing air again.  Because going to the tire shop and having it patched is simply inconvenient to my schedule, I've just stuck to re-airing this tire once very week or two.  

Then life stepped in.  With copious amounts of rain.

This week - judging by the perceived PSI in my tire - was the week that I would be adding more air.  Mother nature had other thoughts.  Do you think that I stood out in the rain to air up my tire?  You're absolutely right.  I didn't. 

Aaaaaand it's flat. Real flat. 

Now, I have absolutely no choice but to just go get it fixed, and waste a few precious hours (and a couple hundred dollars) of my lazy Saturday schedule. My, how the tables turned.

It's a good thing I like to learn from situations like this, or I'd be pretty (really) mad. 

The most important lessons that I learned from this experience were:

1.  The more you ignore it, the worse it actually gets.

Worse weather + worse decision making skills = bigger hole. Basic life math.

2.  Sometimes you have to go out of your way to actually realize what's wrong.

How many times do you casually look at the furthest tire from your drivers seat?  You probably don't!  This same rule applies to our lives.  Often times you just have to look in an uncommon place to find the issue.

3.  The amount of time you spend avoiding it, you could have probably already fixed it.

Whether its fighting with a significant other, worrying about your weight or simply getting a tire patched - if you'll put forth the effort to fix problems immediately, odds are they won't be problems for much longer. 

4. Kum and Go gas stations let you air your tires up for free.

This is both great (the service) and concerning (the name).

When was the last time you let life teach you a lesson?

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